Benefits of Montessori Education: What’s in It for Your Children

Enrolling your children at a montessori school in Spring, Texas can really give your children a lot of benefits. As the programs follow the eight principles of this type of education method, your children will be able to enjoy the following benefits: Concrete learning – With Montessori child care programs in Texas, learners will grasp … Continue reading

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The 8 Guiding Principles of Montessori Education

Developed by European doctor turned educator Maria Montessori, the guiding principles of Montessori education emphasizes the holistic development of the individual child. Here, the educational environment is teacher-initiated instead of teacher-centric, focusing on the learners and their individual pace. If you’re in Texas, enrolling your children at a montessori school in Spring, Texas means you’re … Continue reading

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Early Childhood Education Insights: Some Perks of Individualized Learning

Each child is unique; hence, it’s important to allow them to learn at their pace. Studies also show that individualized learning can help children know and unleash their own potential without worrying about getting left behind. An effective way to make sure your children enjoy this environment is by enrolling them at a Montessori School … Continue reading

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Factors to Focus on to Promote a Child’s Holistic Growth

Watching children grow up as well-rounded adults is priceless. That’s because being a well-rounded individual means that one has the capacity to survive in any situation and be brave through life’s challenges. If you want your children to become well-rounded adults, enrolling them at a Montessori School in Spring, Texas is a wise idea. Here, … Continue reading

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Texas Agriculture Department Grant!

Super exciting news for Cypresswood Montessori! Our school has qualified for a Grant from Texas Agriculture Department for the year September 2016-2017!! This award is a recognition that will support Garden based Learning, nutrition education classroom lessons, physical activities enhancement, and other learning opportunities allowing children to have a positive attitude towards food and physical … Continue reading

Gardening with Small Children

Gardening is not only a soothing and relaxing hobby for you, it’s also a great way to stimulate your baby’s or toddler’s senses and instill in them the love for growing things. Gardening with your children doesn’t have to be a large or long and drawn out process – in fact, this can lead to … Continue reading