Benefits of Play-based Early Childhood Education

Benefits of Play-based Early Childhood Education

A play-based learning plan, such as the one used in a Montessori school in Spring, Texas and other States, might actually be what your child needs to groom them up for success. Why? Educational psychologists suggest that integrating games in a child’s learning process helps them learn faster. Specifically, the following are the compelling benefits of availing of play-based curriculum for early childhood learning:

  • Learning becomes more engaging and memorable

    Whether they’re introverts or extroverts, play has a way of catching a child’s attention. This is the reason many child care programs in Texas include games in the learning process. Through games, teachers can build better engagement with students. And if they’re fully involved in the activity, kids will also be able to retain what they’ve learned for a long time.

  • Learning hones the child’s emotional and social skills

    Integrating games in enrichment programs also helps kids learn interpersonal skills as they get along with their peers. Kids can play games that will hone their non-verbal and verbal communication skills, as well as their teamwork, leadership, and conflict-resolution skills. Through these games, they’ll also learn how to be more sympathetic and sensitive to other people’s needs.

  • Learning fosters imagination and creativity

    As they get involved in different games, kids can also exercise their creativity, especially in solving problems and creating unique designs. There are also games that can help children develop their curiosity. These activities will help them practice creating projects or presenting ideas that will solve real-life problems.

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