Start Them Young!

A baby playing with toysThe Infant Care classroom is designed to meet the independent and curious nature of babies, allowing them to explore in a beautiful, clean, and carefully prepared environment that is just their size.

This is a time of great brain growth in the areas of language, spatial relationship, music, art, social graces, and so much more. Sleeping on floor beds fosters independence at a very young age.

During this period, the mind is stimulated by the child’s exposure to a rich environment and the brain will develop a much stronger and lasting ability to learn and accomplish.

Our beautifully painted baby room creates a gently stimulating yet comforting environment to enrich your infant’s time with us!

Our Infants Program is available for children aged 6 weeks to 18 months. This program is available for full-time applicants only, however, we may accommodate part-time applicants.

“But the child does not want to get anywhere; he just wants to walk, and to help him truly, the adult must follow the child, and not expect him to keep up.”
– Maria Montessori

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