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a kid playing with pumpkinOur Toddler Program at Cypresswood Montessori School is for Toddlers 18 months to 36 months.

Under the careful guidance of Montessori-certified toddler teachers, the children engage in practical life pursuits, such as dressing and hand washing, as well as pre-reading activities, puzzles, art, music, and conversation, and, above all, the Hands-On unique Montessori Materials.

Independence is fostered by allowing the child to choose from a variety of work that he or she can accomplish with success. The daily practice of these activities in our Toddler Program enhances the child’s ability to communicate with confidence, develop order, concentrate, coordinate, be independent, respect and care for the self, the environment, and others.

We also know toddlers learn a wide variety of social skills from play, such as sharing and collaborating. Playing outside allows them to express their energy (and “outside” voices!) in a positive and healthy way.

The toddler area playground at Cypresswood Montessori School has a wonderful shaded area for fresh air without any chances of the children getting sun burnt. With positive guidance and discipline, the toddlers thrive. Potty learning is an integral part of our classroom routine.

“Work is its own reward. Punishments are rare; A troublesome child might be removed from her companions until she is ready to behave properly.”
– Maria Montessori

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