Let Us Teach Children to Be Street Smart

Let Us Teach Children to Be Street Smart

When you enroll your child in a Montessori school in Spring, Texas, we don’t only help them become book smart. We also teach them how to become street smart.

Whether your child walks to their school bus, hang out on the playground, or ride a bike in the neighborhood, being street smart helps keep them stay safe. They’ll know their way around and handle themselves in tough situations.

Although our enrichment programs in Texas helps teach children to become academically skilled, our educators also know the value of teaching them how to be street smart. The way, they can keep them safe from strangers, especially when the parents or guardians are not around.

Sometimes, a person in a car may pull up and ask your child for directions. At a playground, someone may, for instance, ask help from your child about a lost cat. These people may appear friendly and unintimidating. However, no matter what they say, they’re still strangers.

Cypresswood Montessori School believes that although most strangers aren’t threatening, others can be. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell who is trustworthy or not because a dangerous person doesn’t necessarily look terrifying. Sometimes, they may even look nice.

As a parent, it’s essential that you also educate your child about the dangers of talking to strangers. Here are a few of the many important things that you need to teach your child:

  • They shouldn’t open the door at home if a stranger knocks, even if they’re asking for food or any kind of help
  • They should stay away from a stranger’s car
  • They should make a noise if they feel scared or confused
  • They should let the grown-ups help strangers

If you are looking for a reliable and safe school that caters childcare programs in Texas, you are welcome to contact us.

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