Make Learning Fun for Your Little Ones


It is widely believed that one’s learning process, as well as his or her educational environment, shapes one’s personality and how he or she responds to life situations. However, for the majority of individuals, especially children, learning isn’t always fun and can be tedious at times.

Cypresswood Montessori School makes it a priority that your children can explore, develop, learn, grow, and smile no matter what age. We believe and we all know that education extends far beyond the classroom and into everyday life.

For that reason, we induce an element of fun into their learning process through our enrichment programs and extracurricular activities. We have all the kinds of events and activities that kids love. Among these are the following:

  • Soccer Superstars – Professionally designed weekly soccer program
  • The Language Spark – Spanish classes for your children
  • Music and Movement Classes provided by Enrichment Services

We are a provider of child care programs in Texas that supports and facilitates individualized learning for children offering learning opportunities with enjoyable activities that promote both learning and laughter. We will not only improve your child’s academic skills and abilities, but we will also provide them with delightful experiences and fond memories to look back on as they grow older.

Having fun does not always have to be through walks in the park or visiting amusement parks. Institutions like our school are also committed to providing high-quality education in an environment where learning is interesting, and children can develop their self-confidence, strengths, and potential.

Our montessori school in Spring, Texas ensures a top-shelf service for children and parents. We foster diversity and welcome children of all cultural, educational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We will help your children learn can develop respect for cultural diversity in order to build a peaceful world.

For more information, get in touch with us today at (281) 519-2870 or

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