Support Child Growth for Peaceful Morrows

In Cypresswood Montessori School, we offer a rich and appropriate environment to improve your child’s individualized learning potential in terms of psychological development and technological advancements while harnessing independence and cultural responsibility. It is our vision to prepare your child in all aspects to attain a peaceful environment worth for all.

We are duly recognized by the International Montessori Society for we have established a standard in nurturing a child through child care programs in Texas and in valuing the involvement of parents in this endeavor.

This Montessori school in Spring, Texas manifests the Montessori Philosophy in the teaching attitude wherein a child’s own interests are developed, one’s pace and level are considered, and a child’s unique learning method to acquire new knowledge is explored while enjoying creative and comfortable surroundings.

The Montessori classroom is teacher initiated which means teachers are fully functional in student rearing and teaching of lessons. However, a child has to undergo inquiry-based learning with the use of Montessori materials like books, puzzles, and art to hasten the child’s cognitive ability at a young age. We also guide them as they begin experiencing real-life problems.

Hereunder are the programs we offer for different age groups:

  • Infant Program
  • Toddler Program focusing on socialization, real-life interventions, and potty training as an integral part of classroom routine
  • Primary Program dedicated to encourage a child to formulate concepts in an educational environment and to take care of nature
  • Before and After School Program where students enjoy the perks of having transportation and play system
  • Enrichment and Summer Camp Programs wherein extra curricular activities like soccer and field trips are offered

Become part of our enrichment programs for a well-modified learning process every child deserves.

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