Texas Agriculture Department Grant!

Super exciting news for Cypresswood Montessori!

Our school has qualified for a Grant from Texas Agriculture Department
for the year September 2016-2017!!

This award is a recognition that will support Garden based Learning, nutrition education classroom lessons, physical activities enhancement, and other learning opportunities allowing children to have a positive attitude towards food and physical activities.

The school is planning to have a planter for each Primary Class, and the students will be involved from preparing soil, to seeds, to taking care, to harvesting and then to enjoy what they have grown.

The physical activities will involve having a projector to project “you tube activities” done by Jack Hartmann and all students will exercise together morning and afternoon to get their workout for the day!

Please check out Jack Hartmann! You will love his exercise program!

The classrooms will also have added resources (books, puzzles, etc.) to help the students understand and learn more about nutrition and exercise.

  • A girl in pink shirt
  • A boy doing something
  • A girl washing those sand with water
  • A young boy playing something liquid
  • Two young children smiling

We will do various activities throughout the year. You can follow us on Facebook to know about them, and enjoy all the pictures we post of our wonderful Cypresswood Montessori Garden! Please contact us about this exciting adventure — and how you can get involved!

Thank you from your very excited and motivated team at Cypresswood Montessori!!!

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