The 8 Guiding Principles of Montessori Education

The 8 Guiding Principles of Montessori Education

Developed by European doctor turned educator Maria Montessori, the guiding principles of Montessori education emphasizes the holistic development of the individual child. Here, the educational environment is teacher-initiated instead of teacher-centric, focusing on the learners and their individual pace. If you’re in Texas, enrolling your children at a montessori school in Spring, Texas means you’re shaping them based on the following Montessori principles:

  1. Cognition and Movement – Montessori child care programs in Texas are designed to develop the child’s thinking and problem-solving skills through different practical activities like puzzles and board games.
  2. Interest – The subject matter is delivered to the learners based on their interests.
  3. Choice – Children are also trained to become independent adults by giving them options.
  4. The Ways of the Child and the Ways of the Teacher – The adult interaction of Montessori method enrichment programs are limited to facilitation. The rest of the learning process is done by the learners in their own ways and pace.
  5. Contextual Learning – At a Montessori, children learn the context of the subject matter, not just the theories and principles.
  6. Experiential and Social Learning – Learners are also encouraged to interact with their peers, allowing them to gain new experiences and share what they’ve learned based on what they’re doing.
  7. Avoidance of Extrinsic Rewards – The role of teachers in a Montessori school is to create a nurturing environment that develops the learners’ self-confidence. Here, the rewards are more intrinsic than extrinsic.
  8. Order in Mind and the Environment – The Montessori method promotes the idea that children learn in a peaceful environment because this affects their concentration.

Following these eight principles, Cypresswood Montessori School promotes the learners’ holistic development. At the end of the program, children will gain both knowledge and practical skills.

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