What Children Gain from Reading to Them


Even before enrolling your child in any enrichment programs, a child’s development should begin at home. One way to kickstart their learning experience is by reading to them.

Our team at Cypresswood Montessori School, a renowned Montessori school in Spring, Texas, believes that reading to your kid can provide these benefits:

  • Encourage cognitive growth Reading to children provides them an educational environment where they can broaden their horizons and enrich their minds by allowing them to make sense of the world around them. That understanding grows cognitively as they see, hear, and experience more.
  • Nurture imagination and creativity The more we read to our children, the more we unlock their imaginations as they get exposed to various worlds, both reality and fantasy. Hence, it helps them look at things from a different and more creative perspective.
  • Develop better bonds with your child When you read to your children, you strengthen your relationship and give them a sense of safety. There is a favorable effect on growth and development because of this closeness.

The ability to read is vital for one’s future success in school, work, and other aspects of life. As parents, you should prioritize reading to your child from a young age.

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