What Values Does the Montessori System Cultivate in a Child?

what-values-does-the-montessori-system-cultivate-in-a-childThe Montessori system is known throughout the world for its innovative approach towards child education. Educators provide guidance rather than “spoon-feed” information for the child to memorize. Children can learn a host of values from any Montessori school in Spring, Texas because of this approach.

One value is independence. Teachers give children a lot of freedom and space to explore, within limits, in Montessori enrichment programs. They are given tasks that they are expected to solve under their own initiative rather than from instructions by the teacher. The educator sits down and observes each child, noting strengths, weaknesses, and their methods of solving the task in front of them.

Children also learn critical thinking. They need this skill to come up with an effective solution to the puzzles that they have to unravel in Montessori’s child care programs in Texas. They will have to learn to find the answer on their own using clues in their environment. In this context, the teacher simply acts as an influencer to steer the child in the right direction.

The third value a child can cultivate through the Montessori program is self-appreciation. The independence that they acquire from the training programs develops their critical thinking and self-reliance. These, in return, lead to a greater appreciation of self, which improves their self-esteem in the long run.

All of these they learn in a positive and peaceful environment of the Cypresswood Montessori School. Should you have any inquiries regarding our program, feel free to give us a call. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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