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Cypresswood Montessori School is a private, co-educational school located in Spring, Texas. 

Established in January 2002, our school radiates warmth and hospitality, offering a vibrant and clean environment that welcomes all. 


Cypresswood Montessori School spans on a 7,000 square feet building featuring six classrooms specifically designed for each age group, a spacious indoor gymnasium, a theater area dedicated to imaginative play, and an extensive outdoor playground.


Our team members are required to complete a specific number of training hours. However, we surpass these minimum requirements!

Meet The Owner

Diana Recio.

Mrs. Diana has been involved in education for the last 35 years. Together with her husband and children they have created a safe and caring community with a loving, peaceful and harmonious environment. At the school every child is valued as a unique and unrepeatable person. 


She has 15 years of experience as an International Baccalaureate Instructor (IBO) teaching in the Primary Years Program (PYP – for children from 3 years old to 12 years old) She is the founder of KiddieCare which is a day care for infants from ages 7 months to 19 months. She is also the founder of Vida y Familia Morelos, an association which supports women in need.



• Master in Education, Neurocognition and Learning, - (IEE)

• Master in Family Sciences, - (IEE)

• Master in Family Educational Counseling, 

- (Complutense University of Madrid)

• Master in Administration of Institutions, - (EDAC)

• Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy, - (Universidad Panamericana)

• Bachelor’s Degree in Preschool Education,

- (Ministry of Public Education) 

• Specialization in Management of Educational Centers,

- (University of Navarra) 

• Graduated from Family Business Program, - (IPADE Business School)

• Diploma in Management of Educational Centers,

- Universidad Panamericana,

• Diploma in Family Orientation, - (LOMA)
• Diploma in Education of Human Virtues, -(David Isaacs, at IPADE)


For Mrs. Recio her family is very important; with whom she enjoys spending time, traveling and living new experiences. Since 1989 the family has spent memorable times in The Houston, Texas area. She is passionate about art and music, playing the cello is one her favorite activities.


Sahera Nasser.

Mrs. Nasser has been involved in Early Childhood Education for the last 40 years. When her youngest son was born, the love for Montessori Education was inspired. She trained as a Montessori Guide in England were she teached  for several years.

After moving to Texas in 1994, she was involved in founding a private school in the southwest part of Houston, working as the Principal for six years.


In 2002, she decided to open her own Montessori School in Spring, Texas. During 20 years she managed to make a difference in every child’s life that attended Cypresswood Montessori by preparing, encouraging, motivating and being a great example. 


We welcome children from diverse cultural, educational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, fostering a community dedicated to build a peaceful world. 

We’re here to create life memories 


The Montessori

Montessori education is a child-centered approach that encourages self-directed learning through hands-on activities and collaborative play.

Vision Statement

The attainment of peace through the preparation of a child.

Core Values:

1. Child-Centered Approach: We believe in honoring each child's innate curiosity, creativity, and intrinsic motivation for learning. Our approach is centered around the individual needs, interests, and developmental stages of each child, fostering a sense of belonging, autonomy, and self-confidence.

2. Holistic Development: We are committed to supporting the holistic development of every child-cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically. Through purposeful experiences and hands-on learning opportunities, we strive to nurture the whole child, fostering a love for learning and a deep sense of well-being.

3. Respect and Collaboration: We value respect, empathy, and collaboration as the foundation of our learning community. We cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment where children, educators, and families work together in partnership, fostering mutual respect, understanding, and shared responsibility for each child's learning journey.

4. Independence and Responsibility: We believe in empowering children to become independent, responsible, and self-directed learners. Through carefully designed environments, materials, and experiences, we provide children with the freedom to explore, discover, and make choices, fostering autonomy, initiative, and a sense of purpose.

5. Lifelong Learning and Growth: We are committed to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and growth, both for children and adults alike. We embrace curiosity, reflection, and continuous improvement, encouraging a growth mindset and a passion for lifelong learning in our entire learning community.

Our vision is to inspire children to become compassionate, creative, and resilient individuals who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to make a positive difference in the world. Together, we strive to create a learning community where each child can flourish and shine, guided by the timeless principles of Montessori education and a shared commitment to nurturing the potential within each and every child.

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