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Fist Steps


Nurturing Staff

Age range 

From 12 months - 2 years

Nr of students

12 kids 


6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Student-teacher ratio



First Steps Program

Ms. Brenda Reyes

Ms. Michelle Cardenas

Our Montessori First Steps Classroom is carefully designed to create a safe, inviting, and child-centered space where toddlers can explore, learn, and grow. Low shelves, child-sized furniture, and soft, natural materials create an environment that supports independence and freedom of movement. The classroom is thoughtfully organized into distinct areas for activities such as practical life, sensorial exploration, language development, and creative expression, providing toddlers with opportunities for purposeful engagement and self-directed learning.


Montessori materials for toddlers aged 12 months to 2 years are selected to support their emerging abilities and foster independence and sensory exploration. Simple, age-appropriate materials such as wooden puzzles, stacking blocks, sensory bins, and language cards are provided to encourage hands-on exploration and cognitive development. These materials are designed to be safe, and engaging, inviting toddlers to actively participate in their own learning and discovery.

Program Goals

1. Promote Independence

2. Foster Language Development

3. Encourage Sensorial Exploration

4. Support Gross and Fine Motor Development

5. Cultivate Social Skills: conflict resolution.

6. Encourage Concentration and Focus:

7. Provide Opportunities for Creative Expression

8. Promote Respect for Self and Others

9. Support Emotional Regulation 

10. Encourage Exploration of the Environment


While there is no rigid curriculum, our program is guided by the principles of observation, responsiveness, and individualized care. Educators observe each child's unique interests, abilities, and developmental progress, tailoring activities and experiences to meet their evolving needs. Daily routines such as practical life activities, group circle time, outdoor play, and rest periods are thoughtfully designed to support toddlers' physical, emotional, and cognitive development, fostering a sense of security, routine, and well-being.

Staff Interaction
Montessori Guides play a crucial role as facilitators and observers, providing gentle guidance and support while respecting each child's autonomy and individuality. Educators model positive behavior, language, and social skills, fostering a warm and nurturing atmosphere where toddlers feel safe, valued, and respected. Through responsive caregiving, meaningful interactions, and hands-on experiences, educators cultivate secure attachments and promote healthy social-emotional development in each child.

Community and Family Involvement
Cypresswood Montessori School values collaboration and partnership with families, recognizing the essential role that parents and caregivers play in their child's early development. We maintain open communication channels to share observations, milestones, and strategies for supporting each child's growth and well-being. Families are encouraged to participate in parent education workshops, observation opportunities, and special events, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for the child's learning journey.

The benefits extend beyond the early years, laying a strong foundation for future learning and development. By providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that respects each child's unique needs and abilities, toddlers develop essential skills such as independence, self-confidence, and social-emotional awareness. Through hands-on exploration, purposeful engagement, and meaningful interactions with caregivers and peers, toddlers build the skills and confidence needed to navigate the world with curiosity, resilience, and joy.

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